We Give Back

Helping the Villages that Once Helped Us

Mosaic Coffee Gives Back

During our 5 year hunt across the globe to find the highest quality and best tasting coffee, we found a needle in a haystack. Looking back on Our journeys, it seemed to have flown by because of our passion and love of coffee. We were like little kids searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Traveling across the world and seeing what makes a great tasting coffee enlightened Us about many things. The first and most important thing we discovered was that no matter where you are in life. No matter what circumstances you face and the hardships you endure, if you're living in America or any country of wealth and opportunity you are very blessed. Throughout Our journey we were beyond thankful for the lives we have back at home. Others can only imagine what you have and what great things are to come. The second most important thing we learned was that, coffee isn't what you know it to be. Before We realized these things We thought it was an everyday drink to enjoy and energize you for the day. But we couldn't have been more wrong about that seminal false fact. To some, coffee is a way of life. It's the fuel of some villages economy. Sure you drink it, but have you ever thought about the who, what, where and why's about coffee?

Who Makes Our Coffee?

What Makes Mosaic Coffee Different

We're not certain about who makes other companies coffee but we are certain about who makes our coffee. The very countries and villages that we tend to look over makes the very best coffee you'll ever taste. Coffee is the heart of the villages We buy Our coffee from. A small village in Guatemala known as Avivara; Villages of Tanzania like North Kilimanjaro, Mbeya, Matengo Highlands, Mbinga, Usambara Mountains, Iringa, Morogoro and Kigoma all thrive from the developing and trading of coffee. That's just a few of the villages we work and give back too. Putting their hearts, souls and hard-work into what can give them and their families a better life. Seeing and understanding their way of life and why they do the things they do gave us an even greater passion to what We do. Because We now know its not just for you, Our customers, but also for the villages that has helped Our dreams and passions become a reality. Giving back to those that helped us is imperative to what We do and why We do it.

What Makes Our Coffee?

Mosaic Coffee Helping Villages

Well it's no science here it's just simply love and biology. Biology only accounts for less than 10%. It's love that makes our coffee great tasting. The love the people and villages have for growing and developing coffee trees. According to ehow.com It takes an average of 5-10 years to develop a coffee tree with mature seeds. But according to our sources, the one's that's been doing since before we knew about coffee says it take about 20-30 years for a coffee tree to produce seeds worth using. The soil, temperature, amount of sunlight and many other factors play an outstanding role in the development of a coffee tree. We asked one of the villages elders about how to grow the perfect coffee tree and she stated,"If you don't love the tree, it won't love you back." She then proceeded Us with a taste test. One coffee tree grown for 10 years, and the other grown for over 40 years. Both were very good actually, but the tree that was grown for over 40 years had a very rich delicate taste that you would know and become familiar with if you tried the two. And that's just what you get when you buy from Us. A very rich in taste and delicate coffee like no other. Love is the most powerful tool when developing and growing a coffee tree. Without it, you won't truly be able to enjoy your coffee how you should be.

Where Does Our Coffee Comes From?

Where Does Mosaic Coffee Comes From

Our coffee comes from many villages in third world countries. Villages where coffee is the only means of trading for income. Our coffee comes from Villages in Tanzania,Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Timor, Rwanda, Mexico, Columbia, Cameroon, Laos, Nicaragua, Brazil and Burundi. Every single one of those villages share one thing in common and thats a genuine love and sincere passion for coffee. And as We've said before, Love is what makes a great tasting and high quality coffee. 


Why Does Mosaic Coffee Give Back

What We've noticed is that the growing and developing of coffee is the only way to survive and make ends meet for most villages. Sure there's other ways but they throw everything into developing and trading coffee because 1- they love it, 2- it's a passion for them and 3- the most important to us and We believe to them as well is it's hope for their village. When they met us they had no idea We'd not just be buying their wonderful coffee but also giving back portions of Our profits to them. To be exact We give back more than 10% of Our profits back to those same villages in currency and in resources. We even offered to buy them tools and machines to make the work less on their end but they simply reject it. So with what We would have spent on newer tools and machines We give back in resources and commodities. We are just so thankful for them and you all our customers for giving Us a chance to do what We love. And thats delivering the best tasting and highest quality coffee we believe in the world.


This milestone has been life changing not for just Us, but for Our villages as well. Throughout all our journeys and findings We've became better people ourselves and We are just so thankful for everything We've endured and experienced in the last 6 years. A passion for a few, becomes hope for many.