Company History

Mosaic Coffee was Founded January 12th, 2016

Mosaic Coffee purchases the Highest of Quality Whole Beans Coffees. With a vision to do what hasn't been done ever before. We believe we have succeeded.

Our Promise

We make sure everything we do honors our commitment to supply the Highest Quality Coffee in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly and more importantly, to do business truthfully.

Mosaic Coffee

"Grinding Goodness With Thankfulness"

We Use the Highest Quality of Coffee Beans Shipped Directly from Hawaii, Jamaica, And Tanzania. 

"Never buy a blend, as only 10% of the blend will be the actual blend and the rest will be junk. Always buy Extra Fancy (Single Origin) as that is the highest of quality."

Expect More Than Coffee 

When you purchase from Us, you don't just get coffee. To say we only sale coffee is the least of what We do. When you purchase a bag of Single Origin Coffee from Us you're getting love, compassion and commitment. During our earlier years back in 2016 we journeyed across the world in seek of only the best whole coffee beans. From Tanzania to Columbia, we embarked on a journey to do what hasn't been done. We visited more than 50 countries in search of the best whole bean coffees and what we found was that, the best coffee was found more than likely at a village. In some of the most poorest countries in the world. They knew quality was far better than quantity would ever be. It wasn't about how many plants they could make but instead, how many they could keep and nurture until it's very last stage of life. The quality of coffee isn't based on how good its roasted. No. The quality of coffee is based on how well taken care of the coffee tree has been. And when you buy coffee From Us, Mosaic Coffee, you're getting just that. Quality Coffee not quantity. 

What Separates Us From Others

Mosaic Coffee doesn't just sale coffee for our benefit. We sale coffee for the benefits of other as well. To ensure those same villages we once visited two years ago are well taken care of. We give back to those villages. Over the past two years we have been able to provide stable houses and livestock to more than 20 villages in over 5 countries. We take pride in helping those who have helped us succeed. That is what makes Us, Mosaic Coffee, different than the rest.